Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It all hinges on this.

I was struck by Tail Epiphany, Part II this morning while waiting for the bus.

I was staring at what used to be a shutter on the building across the street. It's been broken for over a year, and it's rotten and has been falling apart month by month, slat by slat. At this point it's just a frame dangling off the side of the house by one rusty hinge.

Just one hinge. A hinge! Holy crap!, a hinge!!!
How could I have been so blind?!

Once I got on the bus and into a seat I whipped out the trusty Moleskine and scribbled it out while the smelly guy next to me made no attempt at hiding that he was watching me draw.

How did this escape me before?!
Now I have to cut only two holes in the tail fabric.

Thankfully, Captain StinkyFace didn't feel the need to comment on my plan.
I'm feeling good about this one. I think that this is the one that just might work.

I've scheduled off work Thursday and Friday of this week just for costume making. It dawned on me yesterday that there are only five weekends left before Mardi Gras, and 3 of those are going to be parade weekends. And parade weekends are not productivity weekends. So, essentially, two weekends left to finish this whole rig. The heat is on.

Only 34 days 'till showtime...

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